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My School App

We’re sure you’ll find mySchoolApp useful. 

The benefits of using a school app to you as a parent or carer include:

  • Instant access to an up-to-date school calendar. Any events that are relevant to you, can be added to you own calendar with one tap on the screen.
  • Keep up to date with what is happening at the school. 
  • Direct contact links to the school – one touch dialling / email.
  • Report your child’s absence to the school on the app. No more trying to get through to the school office on the phone, first thing in the morning.
  • Push notifications sent by the school, let you know the important stuff as well as helpful reminders (eg. snow days, school trip late back due to traffic etc).
  • Translate app content into 60+ languages.


Google Classroom is a free application designed to help students and teachers communicate and collaborate. Your child will be added to their own Google Classroom when they begin in school - where you will find useful resources to support your child's learning as well as being used as a communication tool between the classroom teacher, your child and the home.